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Permanently preserve your organization’s history. Build a digital museum today to share your story tomorrow.

If someone lit a match, would your chapter’s history survive? For many sorority and fraternity chapters, the answer is no. Why? Because history is found in the faded composites hung on the wall, the dog-eared magazines stacked in back rooms and the program books or scrapbooks hidden away in closets for archiving “when there’s time.”

Often, there isn’t enough time to worry about the past until it makes itself very necessary to access in the present. However, now organizations need to make time. With a fully tagged archive and digital museum from HistoryIT, your history won’t go up in flames or down in a flood. Instead, it will be permanently preserved not just for four years, but for life.

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Whether your organization is preparing for an upcoming anniversary, moving office locations or just looking to preserve your history, we’ve got you covered. Explore our digital preservation packages to learn how we ensure your fraternity or sorority’s history is accessible to inspire future generations.

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Did you know that 80% of fraternal history lives at the chapter level? Preserve your collective legacy and every individual’s story with an interactive digital museum. We’ve designed curated packages with your needs in mind, including your treasured composites.

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