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Comprehensive Package

Planning to use history to celebrate an upcoming anniversary? We’ve got you covered.

This package is ideal for Junior Leagues that are responsible for a very large collection of archival materials, seek a professional assessment of the holdings, and are planning to celebrate a milestone event, such as a 100th, 75th or 50th anniversary, within the next three years. The goal of this package is to professionally create a comprehensive digital archive of all or most of a League’s history, as well as produce a highly engaging customized retrospective from founding through the milestone celebration. HistoryIT sends an expert to conduct an onsite assessment and meeting with stakeholders; and produces a digital archive, online timeline, biography portal, storytelling platform and milestone celebration retrospective. Digital preservation includes up to 10,000 archival assets*.

If the size of your collection exceeds this number, HistoryIT will create a customized plan to add the remaining materials in discrete phases. It requires that your League have at least one point person who is willing to answer questions, as well as organize an on site assessment and meeting with interested parties.

HistoryIT will provide a contact person at your League with surveys and questionnaires for you to fill out about your historical materials.

Digital Preservation Services

  • We send an expert on site for up to one week to assess the condition and content of your holdings.
  • The expert leads a meeting of stakeholders (up to four), such as board members, officers, and members in order to understand how the digital archive will be used.
  • The expert conducts a series of interviews with stakeholders in order to determine the scope and content for the milestone celebration presentation.
  • If your archive contains fewer than 10,000 archival assets, the HistoryIT expert will work with you to pack and ship all of the materials. If it exceeds this amount, we will determine the best selection of archival assets that fall within the parameters of this package.
  • We handle the digital preservation imaging, tagging, and rehousing of 10,000 archival assets.
  • Should future digital preservation be necessary in order to comprehensively digitally preserve your archive, HistoryIT will produce a customized plan to build a complete digital archive in phases.
  • HistoryIT’s creative team works with representatives from your League to produce an engaging online retrospective of your League’s history from founding to the milestone celebration. Each portion of the retrospective is connected to holdings throughout your digital archive for easy and fun exploration.
  • You receive a license to Odyssey™, HistoryIT’s digital preservation platform, so that you may manage, store and tag items in your digital archive. This package’s online presentation is customized specifically for your League.
  • Your Odyssey™ license includes a public-facing online timeline that you may manage and share. It will allow your members to follow a visual retrospective of your League and click on digital materials to explore the entirety of the digital museum.
  • Your Odyssey™ license includes a Biography Portal, which allows you to track additional details about all of the people referenced in your archive.
  • Your Odyssey™ license includes a Storytelling Platform that allows you to build and share digital exhibits from your archive.
  • We provide ongoing support as your archive becomes fully digital.
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*The exact archival asset count will vary by item type, size, and condition

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