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HistoryIT Celebrates a Decade of Saving History

The innovative technology company continues to lead in digital archival preservation

PORTLAND, ME (February 10, 2021) — HistoryIT, a transformative technology and services company, is kicking off their ten-year anniversary celebration this month. The company has a decade long innovative focus on leveraging proprietary technology to quite literally save history by not only digitally preserving it, but by making it widely accessible to all.
HistoryIT’s work moves beyond traditional archival preservation, focusing instead on disrupting conventional beliefs that archival work is restricted to dusty collections of materials piled on shelves. Their technology and processes help key stories emerge from forgotten boxes and finds them a place in the lives of curious people or those who want to learn more about the heritage of an organization.
Beth Burkes, VP of Development and Philanthropy for Tri Delta women’s fraternity, offers this comment on HistoryIT’s inventive approach, “Far beyond scanning and saving, HistoryIT’s expertise in meticulous meta-tagging personalized to each organization means that we can conduct searches that provide a thorough review of our archives. If a researcher was looking in our archives for the history of women and travel, they would not only find our records of how we traveled, but also what we ate on the way, and the Executive Office memo that told members how to prepare. If a member was looking for how we have been “brave, bold and kind” since our founding, she would find it, because HistoryIT knows that those words are special to us and tagged them.”
A physical archive is limited by the need to be physically present. Most digital archives are unwieldy to search. HistoryIT’s innovative strategies include accommodations for both digital natives and those new to online historical materials. Tagging, intuitive organization, a focus on the user experience and social media integration expands the reach and ensures that history has a future.
From Jim Gates, former Library Director for the National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum, “HistoryIT played a critical role in helping us move from multiple silos of collection data to one master database.  The complexity of this operation presented many challenges, and the HistoryIT staff was able to both explain the issues, but also to help resolve problems and define objectives.  The end result will be a digital system which allows us to present our collection to every baseball fan regardless of their ability to visit Cooperstown.”
The HistoryIT team has partnered with numerous clients who are focused on unique ways to enrich their archival presentations, spotlight precious artifacts and tell the larger historical story of their organizations and communities in a compelling and accessible way. Their clients and partners range from the personal archives of well-known public figures, to cultural institutions and corporations, to fraternal and religious organizations, to national non-profit organizations and iconic national treasures, including the fabled Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.
For a full listing of the groundbreaking digital archival services and products that HistoryIT has developed over the past decade, please visit HistoryIT’s services and software pages.

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